Are Most Girls Looking for Sex Ugly?

Chubby blonde fucked hard Are Most Girls Looking for Sex Ugly?

Are Most Girls Looking for Sex Ugly?

There are lots of misconceptions and myths revolving around girls looking for sex. A lot of this mythology are actually not new at all.

You have to remember that we live in a very sexist society. That’s been true in the past, it’s true now, and I’m afraid it will continue to be true long into the future. Women are really just basically expected to be either virgin mothers or whores. There is no middle ground. And it really is too bad because this is not the same standard applied to men.

A guy can fuck so many women and he’s a hero. A woman screws just one guy who’s not her boyfriend or husband, and all of a sudden, she’s a prostitute. I hope you see the injustice here. And unfortunately, there are many otherwise normal girls looking for sex who are branded as prostitutes or somehow abnormal because they happen to be open and responsible regarding their sexual needs. Keep the following in mind.

The Myth of the Fat Girl

A lot of guys in America think that if you’re a chick looking for anonymous sex, this means you’re automatically fat or unattractive. This is absolutely wrong because women are finally waking up to the fact that what’s great for the goose is definitely good for the gander. If guys have been able to screw around for thousands of years, then it’s okay for women to fuck around too. After all, it’s all about basic sexual drive. It’s not because they’re looking for love or any of that emotional bullshit. They’re just looking to fuck. What’s wrong with that?

The Misconceptions Behind the Cute But Crazy Girl

Another common misconception is that girls looking for sex are necessarily crazy. They might be cute, but they’re crazy. There’s something abnormal about them. This is really the worst form of sexism and oppression that I can think of.

Do we turn around and look at Casanova or Dun Juan guys who fuck a lot of women and call them crazy? No. We pat them on the back, put them on a pedestal, and call them heroes. This is bullshit.

A lot of women who just love to have sex with many different guys but do it responsibly and safely are perfectly normal. They have good careers. They make good money. They’re ambitious. They’re wonderful human beings who care for other people. There’s nothing wrong with them.

The Reality

The reality is, as I have mentioned, that there are lots of good-looking and perfectly normal women who are extremely horny. If you want to increase your likelihood of banging girls looking for sex, you need to get rid of these old misconceptions that you may be unconsciously subscribing to.

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